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I love it, this hula hoop has definitely changed my workout routine for better

Ciera Watkins


My waist is so much thinner, I recommend this hula hoop to everyone

Marie Claira


It’s not easy to learn how to dance with the hula hoop, but once we have learned, it is a quite unique exercise

Anne Stronter


Who is ready to hula hoop? Not only it is extremely fun to use for any competition with your friends - who can spin it longer, who can spin the most hula hoops, we have so many idea -, but it is also a great way to keep in shape and burn any extra calories.

The hula hoop is great to strengthen your lower back and core as it demands a lot of balance and coordination. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) funded a study, completed at the University of Wisconsin, that found that a 30 minute hula hoop workout - which consisted of hooping moves and twirling motions around the arms, waist, and legs - burned roughly 7 calories per minute. In other words, it burns 210 calories for every 30 minutes.

Just out of curiosity, there are around 210 calories in 3 boiled eggs or in 4 slices of flax bread, or even in a whole glazed donut. Do you still have any doubt that you should use the hula hoop workout as a part of your daily workout to get a healthy body and mind?


What are you waiting for? Dance your way to healthy body right now!











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