Game of Thrones Engraved Wooden Music Box




This music box sounds amazing, it sounds just like a TV

Carl Westwood

So many great details, I can’t imagine how long it took to make this music box

Mark Sloane

This was one of the coolest Game of Thrones' gifts I’ve ever gotten

Izzie Edwards


The Game of Thrones Engraved Wooden Music Box was carefully made with tons of engraved details and it is an absolute must-have for all those who can't stop themselves from singing the main theme of the show. And we mean singing it every single time a new episode is released! Or even those that, while talking of Game of Thrones, start hearing the theme song echoing in their mind.

This music box isn't only a great piece to have but a great gift for someone you care about. Made with very resistant materials, this wooden music box was meant to be durable. It can be transported anywhere you like, even though we think that it looks great at your bedside.

Don’t lose this limited chance to get this amazing music piece!

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