Green Diabolo



Hadn’t own one since I was a teen, it was a great purchase

Harriet Knowles


Great material, works perfectly, now it’s time to practice!

Kimberley Webber


I’m a principiant, still learning but I’m very pleased with this Diabolo

Alex Di Rossi

The Diabolo also known as the Chinese Yo-Yo is a juggling or circus prop that was popularaside in the 00s , since then it's been a hobbie/ interest of large part of the population. It draws everyone's attention, even more to those whose skills keep us mind blown and open mouthed: from huge air throws to loads of minuscious skill demonstrations- it’s surreal. The Green Diabolo is great for outdoors activities when it's sunny but can also be used inside the house, it's also very light and easy to transport.


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