Makeup Brushes Cleaner



Brush Material: Plastic

How to Use:

  • Install the connector and the electric turn pen

  • Prepare suitable silicone case

  • Install the batteries (Not included in the package)

  • Connect the silicone sleeve, makeup brushes

  • Connect the silicone sleeve, makeup brushes and electric pen

  • Then you can press the button to rotate makeup brush

  • Place makeup brush in the plastic cylinder to rotate and clean ( you should put some water into plastic )

  • After cleaning, you can rotate in the air to dry the makeup brushes, just few seconds, like a new brushes.



  • Makeup Brush Cleanser for cleaning of makeup brushes

  • Different size to fit different brushes

  • Leave the make up brushes clean and dry

  • Avoid the build-up of bacteria,simple to use


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