Mini Portable Retro Radio



How good to listen to this radio and unplug from all the devices that are constantly being bombarded with notifications

Venus Travis

Works really well, good sound and easy to transport

Felicia Davidson

This Mini Portable Retro Radio is the best investment I’ve made in a long time

Melanie Gavin


What about this great throwback? Get rid of all the unnecessary devices and things that are always getting you distracted, sit down and listen to some great music like old times. This Mini Portable Retro Radio is a great gift for all vintage lovers and people who love to isolate themselves from the world and just enjoy the moment. It has a cool old school design and works on batteries so you don’t have to be constantly worried that it will not be charged.


Enjoy this retro radio with no distractions, get it now!



Type: AM / FM

Style: Portable

Function: Built-In Speaker

Collections: Best Sellers

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