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Intelligent NFC N2 Smart Nail

Compatibility: Android
N2M: simulate an IC card (Metro card, parking card, etc)
N2F: connect with your smartphone NFC
N2L: encounter high-frequency signal will flash light
Frequency range: 13.56mhz
Standby time: No charging required



  • NFC N2 Smart Nail is an entirely new multifunctional nail art product , through the perfect combination of technology and fashion , Let it all no longer drab.

  • NFC N2 Smart Nail comes in three models, N2M , N2F and N2L . Every model has distinctive function characteristics.

  • The N2M smart nail built-in a microchip that made by nano technology , it can copy and simulate to become any inductive IC card.

  • Access control card Parking card Elevator card Shopping card Time card Membership card Hospital card

  • Minimum Rated Talk Time: 6 hours

  • Minimum Rated Standby Time: 48 hours

  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion



  • Size (LWH): 2.13 inches, 2.64 inches, 2.6 inches

  • Weight: 0.96 ounces


At this stage, mobile phones compatible with N2F are all of the Android system or WP system mobile phones with NFC function.

Android Phone:

  • Click a below link to download and install the app of N2F

  • Google Play Store:

  • Backup Sever:

  • Click on the APP icon of “JAKCOM Smart Nail” to enter the APP menu page

  • This APP is mainly divided into two types of functions, namely, "Edit Task" and "Share Info".

  • Through the set within the list of features of "Edit Task", N2F can enable the users to achieve private note, quick start, Profiles, App Lock, Screen Lock and other features.

  • Through the set within the function list of "Share Info", N2F can enable users to share business cards, web sites and graphic information with other mobile phones.

Windows Phone:
  • Click this below link to download and install the app of N2F (“NFC Writer”) 
  • Click on the APP icon to enter the APP menu page
  • Temporarily APP functions of windows are less than android, we will increase more functions in the future update.



1º - First, please select appropriate finger for installation. The chip materials of N2M and N2F are relatively hard, so please choose the finger nail which is more flat and small radian, such as thumb.

2º - Then, select a piece of nail tip suitable for the nail size.

3º - Determine the location where the nail tip fits the chip, and apply appropriate amount of glue, or smear the nail tip glue evenly on the chip’s obverse side (surface with a protrusion).

4º - Then, paste the chip on the corresponding position of nail tip, please notice that nail tip should be glued with chip’s obverse side (surface with a protrusion).

5º - Then, take another piece of nail tip with similar size, place it on the chip and squeeze the chip’s periphery, but do not squeeze chip’s protruding parts, in case of damaging internal components. Blow air into the gap while squeezing to let the glue dry as soon as possible. Generally, it will take about 30 seconds. Then, remove the nail tip used for squeezing.

6º - Apply glue evenly to the contact surface between nail tip and nail.

7º - When the glue becomes ropy, place the nail tip on the surface of the nail, and keep pressing for a period of time.

8º - After the nail tip and nail are firmly glued, users can trim their nail tips and apply nail polish or do other operations according to users’ different needs.


Unlock your smartphone, house and payments!


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