Remee Lucid Dream Mask





Comfortable, inexpensive, the world's first mask for lucid dreaming.

Remee is a sleep mask designed to help increase the frequency of your lucid dreams.

Using a low profile electronics hidden in a comfortable sleep mask, Remee delivers customizable light panels that your mind can recognize during sleep, allowing you to take control. Whether you are the one who has just discovered a conscious dream or you are a veteran trying to get a frequently conscious dream, Remee will help!
The heart of Remee is the six LEDs that serve as an indicator for your real world.
Use our online setting, you can customize the signal of your sleep!
Brightness - 5% to 100% of full strength 
Panels - Choose from 13 unique light panels 
Speed and repeat - Fast and slow, with a loupe 1-3 times 
Initial delay - wait until Remee shows your signal Signal 
Delay - Delay between each signal


Slightly less than 28 grams, Remee is as light and comfortable as normal sleep masks, but much more inside!

Flexible circumference Remee is protected by a shell of 2-layered with a foam shell: a thin, durable EVA inner layer laminated with a soft foam-like outer layer. This insert is inside a smooth sleep mask made of a strong, breathable material on the outside, a soft material on the back side for maximum comfort.

With USB: Battery Included 

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