Pattern Socks





This socks are my favorite choice for a skateboarding session

Thomas Clander

I use them everywhere: work, gym, around the house. That’s how much I love them

Filomene House


There´s nothing better than putting your socks on and laughing because of how cool they’re

Chelsea Hounter


Although in the past socks were perceived as an item which main purpose was to cover the feet so that we wouldn't be cold nowadays it's a different story. Socks are an expression of our passions, feelings and how we perceive the world. There's no fun in using solid colour socks, they just don't mean as much and don't show who we truly are. This socks are not only beautifully made having great print designs but are also extremely comfortable and go well with all outfits: shorts, skirts, pants, jeans - you name it.

Don't miss your chance to get this socks!



  • Material: Nylon,Cotton,Polyester
  • Pattern Type: Print

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