Pet GPS Tracker




We love our dog. He used to scare us by leaving the house by himself and getting lost. We don't have this problem anymore thanks to the Pet GPS Tracker

Douglas St. Martein


This tracker was the best purchase I have ever made for my dog

Venus Carter


Not only this tracker keeps him safe but it makes our family feel more confident as his owners

Scarlett Williams


Our pets are a part of our family. We see them as our closest friends, we take care of them, bath them, give them food and spoil them as if they were our own kids. That's why we live in constant fear that something bad happens to them.

Our Pet GPS Tracker will help you sleep and live in peace with yourself. You'll know at all times where your pet is and no longer have to fear for it's safety. This device not only is small and doesn't draw that much of attention but also comes in different colours, while being compatible with all devices.

The Pet GPS Tracker is also waterproof and links to your phone via Bluetooth. If those weren't enough reasons for you to buy it, here comes another: it has 4 different languages available (chinese, english, french and spanish).


Grab yours now and take your little friends for a safe walk!

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