Rainbow Slinky

The slinky is so fun, the adults love it more than the kids

Marie Jane

I’m a magician and I still use this item in my tricks up to this day. It blows everyone’s mind

Ed Vertigo

It’s so well done, beautiful colours and very vibrant

Johnny Dreams


Well known and loved by adults and kids, a slinky is a must-have for all houses. Remember your childhood as you perform an infinite number of tricks, including travelling down a flight of steps as it stretches and re-forms itself with the help of gravity and its own momentum. Or just watch it levitate for some seconds after it has been dropped, almost like if you have filmed it in slowmotion.

All these features make the Rainbow Slink perfect for magic tricks and also to entertain yourself and those near you. It is extremely colorful, with bright colours and also is very light, easy to take anywhere and fun.

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