Retro Tetris Game Console




I loved this console this console as a child, it was so entertaining

Penelope Bellamy


Tetris is my favorite game, I love it!

Gerald McCann


It takes me one hour to get to work by train, but while I play with m Tetris console the times flies

Georgina Mendez


A game for all ages. Our grandparents were addicted to it and have passed their passion to us! And we are sure that you will make sure that your future kids will play this game and never allow it to get old.

Our Retro Tetris Game Console is perfect to carry with you anywhere due to its weight and, of course, because of the hours of entertainment available. Perfect to kill those never ending hours at school, work, lunch or any other break while exercising your brain.


What are you waiting for to get your own console?



  • Screen Size: 2.7"
  • Plastic Type: ABS
  • Battery: Alkaline batteries
  • Product size: 9.7cm*4.7cm
  • Screen size: 2cm*2.5cm

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