Wireless Programmable Light For Bicycle Wheels

Dark Blue



Mounting Placement: Seatpost
Power supply: 3x AAA for lights; 2x AAA for transmitter (Not included)
Dimensions: 390x55x23 mm
Original Packing Weight: Approx 235g.
Pack Include:
1 x Main Part (With original packing)
1 x CD-ROM
1 x Bracket
1 x Transmitter
1 x User's Manual


  • PC Programmable Wireless Portable Message Transmitter
  • Upload from PC to USB Drive Direct to LED Gadget
  • Hub mount keeps wheel balanced
  • 30 blue LED lights illuminate any Message; Joke; Protest; Logo
  • Automatic power off after 5 Minutes
  • Waterproof to use in any weather
  • Built in 40 Different Patterns, 5 English words and 4 custom messages
  • Increase Visibility for Safe Night or Day Riding
  • Shows a clear pattern at half of the average bike speed
  • Hub mount keeps wheel balanced
  • Wireless portable message transmitter
  • This Custom Message Wireless Bike LED light illuminates your families’ wheels night and day, making Cycling safer in the Suburbs or City alike.
  • Easy and Convenient to use.
  • This Multi-Weather Waterproof LED Bike Message Light adapts to fit your Mountain bike, Racing bike, BMX or any other Bike, whether Rain or Shine. Whilst Simmering in the Suburbs or Sweltering in the City, these Lights will illuminate your message!
  • Tell a joke; Present your Logo; Program in a Promotion; Protest a Parade or Just having fun. It’s as easy as uploading your message directly from your PC to its Wireless portable message transmitter in an instant, connect to LED Lights and voila, your message is out there!
  • With double-wing design and using our special IC, it can easily show clear patterns at half the normal Speed of between 14km/h, 8mile/h.

How to Use:

  • Using RF technology, it allows you to program and send messages through a portable transmitter with USB Port.
  • After you finish the message just a press the button and the new message will be ready to broadcast.


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